Teaching students at a Co-Op City public school to make pollution-fighting robots


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pollution-fighting?? R2 shut down the trash compactor!


IKR!? And i seem to recall the little bastard dumping used oil, and then setting it ablaze!


That sounds like a learning opportunity in itself.

Would the Empire have been better off instituting a full-scale recycling program? Discuss.


Well, if they had, they probably wouldn’t dump their garbage into space, and the Millennium Falcon probably never would have gotten away…


Why were they compacting the garbage when it was going to get dumped into space anyway? It’s not like outer space is short on… space.


Maybe they were compacting it for recycling purposes. The Death Star seemed to be the only place with trash compactors. When the Millennium Falcon drifts away with the trash it’s all scattered pieces.

Hey, maybe they put that dianoga in there on purpose to help break down organic matter–leftover food, assorted waste, leftover prisoners, etc. Maybe things like that perfectly usable support beam weren’t supposed to be in there. Yeah, when there was a top-down review of all procedures following a tiny group of rebels creating so much havoc on such a huge space station I bet the guy in charge of sanitation was pissed.


I can’t help but notice that some of those kids have brown skin and are working with electronics. Are you sure this isn’t a terrorist training camp?


How could you say that here?

You’re supposed to report it directly to Homeland Security.

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