Teaser for Arrival, an upcoming alien movie

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I loved this story. I’m not quite sure how this story – which is mostly about translating a language – gets made in Hollywood without adding in some crazy B Plot about the world on THE. BRINK. OF. WAR!!! That said, I hope it stays true to the story and I’m very much looking forward to it.

Also, I like radially symmetric aliens.


Oh yes, marvelous story, can’t recommend it enough. The rest of the anthology is pretty great, too. (I’d love to see Seventy-Two Letters adapted.)

But there have already been several movies called “Arrival” (or “The Arrival”) and that thar title is only going to cause confusion.

ETA: Wasn’t there a TV series or miniseries based on the 1996 Charlie Sheen film (and its Sheen-less sequel) ? I can’t seem to find any evidence of it at the moment.


couldn’t agree more. i’m sure there’ll be a love triangle, and some drama about someone sacrificing themselves… i’m sure the language bit will be replaced with some sort of neural interface/VR something or other. oh well, props to the author for getting a movie deal, i guess.

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I could see changing it from “Story of Your Life” if you want to draw in some sci-fi eyeballs not already familiar, but yeah – “Arrival” seems weak.

I don’t care how bad this movie may be - it’s still going to better than watching, for the Nth time, superheroes punch each other out for ninety minutes.


Better in what way?


You had me at Forest Whitaker.


Lost me at Jeremy Renner.

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Humankind teeters on the verge of global war as everyone scrambles for answers

Science - you’re doing it wrong!

Are we sure this isn’t a Michael Crichton story? Because that sounds like about 50% of Michael Crichton stories. (The other 50% involve high-tech history-themed amusement parks where tourists can oh no something went wrong.)


Maybe they should try something new for the title, like, I don’t know, use the title of an old pop song.

Woot - ever since LKS I’ve been a fan of both him & James.

Before finding out it already existed in written form (no surprise there) the preview alone shouted: we’re still trying to figure out what the aliens will look like - ala- we don’t know what we’re going to do but we know when it will be done. (Never heard that at work before).


They’re not going to put such a big reveal in the trailer.

It does sound a lot like Sphere.

You’re saying it should be ‘mathematician Ian Malcolm’?

Even if you’re not it’s what I want to see.

Of course the US army has to get involved. And let me guess, they landed right next to LA. Right?

He was incredible in that movie. Even when he’s in bad movies, he’s often the only good part.

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Welp, that money’s spent.

It looks pretty, but that’s easy nowdays. What gave the short story its punch was that it was sad. I don’t know if Hollywood is willing to be true to the plot if it doesn’t give the audience a happy ending.

Denis Villeneuve is the director so it should be good. I have never disliked any of the movies he directed especially when the screenplay is well adapted. We have very good filmmakers in Quebec and this guy is among the top. You should see every single one of the movies he directed.