Teaser for documentary about the "real-life Robinson Crusoe boys"

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It looks interesting, but the teaser’s soundtrack is distractingly bad.


This hardly looks like a “tropical paradise.”

I had the exact same thought. It doesn’t give me a lot of hope for the documentary which is too bad because the story is amazing.

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i am pretty close to signing up for that kind of experience myself right now. but i will make sure i have my leatherman tool.


This looks exactly like a tropical paradise to my eye.

When I read the Guardian article (which was great, btw ) it sent me on a brief look down the rabbit hole that was William Golding. Saw as far as I needed to determine he was more ass than rabbit as holes go.

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what happened when six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months

150,000 dick and fart jokes, I expect.

Go listen to Moog Cookbook for a while and come back and give it a try. It’s all about acclimatization.

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I read the Guardian article and was disturbed that the author glossed over the fact that the boys embarked on their journey because they were bored at school. They were boarding at a Catholic school in Tonga in the 70’s, a missionary school. To my thinking there maybe a darker history here than just juvenile hijinks.

Also the author sees this as a rebuttal of the premise of Lord of the Flies without taking into account the totally different cultural context of these boys from a sea fairing nation and boys from a middle/ upper class English upbringing. The stories may coincide but the cultural differences would seem to invalidate the argument and could on another level stray into the dangerous myth of the ‘noble savage’.

I’m by no means apologizing for Golding’s half arsed musing on stranded boys being a parable about social norms.

I think a LOTF scenario is certainly possible. It probably all hinges on the starting conditions and composition of the tribe. These particular 6 boys were already self-selected as being cooperative with each other. There were no bullies. There was no partisanship. A random stratum of a British boarding school would possibly have a much different outcome from these six.

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