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One of the worst cases I’d seen in the mid 90s was a smokers computer, completely covered in this brown nicotine laced fuzz. And I’ve seen roaches and dead mice too.


Boy those make me so sad, but some of the hardware problems that pop up sometimes are so confounding it’s kind of amazing.


From the title I totally expected this to be a revival of the “Al Gore claims he invented the internet” meme.


That fan. Was there a family of chinchillas living in the case?


Food Industry computers, now that some disgusting fugly stuff there.


I can only guess that it was for a work computer that didn’t need a lot of attention from IT. I used to work customer service for a retail chain, and the registers back there used computers that no one ever touched and they were tucked under the counter. The computers ran fine and no one bothered dusting them, and worst of all they were in a place with poor ventilation, no idea why they didn’t overheat.

One day i asked IT to take the cases and dust them and they were just filled with crud, but nothing quite like that one pictured fan that was fossilized in dust.


Homey in the pic is rocking the fancy gator watch strap like a Florida panhandle businessman.


I once watched as a non-techie office colleague took a shop vac to the dusty motherboard of his PC.

Sucked a chip right out of its socket.


“Hi this is Al G, have you tried turning it off and back on again?”



The worst computers I had the misfortune of working on were in hospital ER reception areas. In use 24/7/365 and exposed to every microbe, virus, mite, and cuthulian nightmare that visits the ER. They usually ran them until failure and then I had to break them down to remove the drives for destruction.


Ugh, true unsung hero type shit right here


I’m not an expert by any means, so the rare posts that show a clean computer with no explanation whatsoever kind of irk me.
To me, it’s like being condescended to by Simpsons’ Comic Book Guy’s cousin, Computer Tech Guy.





I was sorta expecting something like Al Gore goes green with tech.


No, no, no. Not a shop vac. One should use a nice high-pressure air hose and blow that crap away! Uh, I actually did this working at Salvation Army, trying to revive old computers for resale (stripping them out for parts otherwise). This was especially useful (and least damaging) with the power boxes. I created many an amazing dust storm that way. For home use, just get canned air, tho.




The picture of the macbook with the swollen battery sent me into a panic. I have a macbook pro, about a year old, that I haven’t really used for a while. I actually had to dig it out of the drawer where I stored it to make sure it wasn’t about to explode. The hell? is that a thing that happens a lot?


“Have you tried throwing it away and buying a new one?”