Technology show pretends to be from 1983

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oh, so like Look Around You, minus the humor.


You say that about everything. Even meatloaf!


seems to be inspired by Gary Kildall’s “Computer Chronicles” - the “metadata” at the beginning even looks similar.


That was hilarious! What a way to promote your stuff.


Stewart Cheifet created “Computer Chronicles” ; Kildall was his co host for some years. Great show.

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ur right, i couldn’t remember Cheifet’s name but somehow i remember his face. old age setting in.


kildall was cohost from the beginning–


This was funnier than I was expecting. I’ll check out the other video they have up too!



i thought that was an HP logic analyzer with some kind of timing diagram! looks like a filing program though.

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Computer Chronicles for me!

The guest said the program was an electronic rolodex, with a touch screen. The computer was a HP150

Gorilla Arm was mentioned, though not using those words.

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AKA season 2 of Look Around You.

Actually, this video was rather funny, but more in a Tim & Eric awkward way than a Look Around You retro way. I’d say I enjoyed it less than Look Around you season 1, but more than most of Look Around You season 2 (apart from “Machadaynu,” which for whatever reason I found hilarious).

Synthesizer Patel, a giant among men

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This post really gave me the feels. I produced a video show back in the late 80’s, early 90’s and we were trying so hard with so little. One of my former classmates recently posted a bunch of the videos he developed for the show (he was really the creator of the show) and boy does the difference in tech show. Most of the stuff I produced isn’t up on his channel but I know I have an old VHS stuff into a box in a closet somewhere and I am praying the data has survived the years so I can upload my own things.

This one, especially, just feels so D A T E D:

and this one I always thought was so cute:

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