Technology stock photos from the 1990s


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  1. Surfing the net! Haha, I get it.
  2. I am in ur webz!
  3. Drivin’ safe on the information superhighway!
  4. Yay, 1.44MB of porn!
  5. I found your Whitney Houston bootleg…


I’m working on some online training at the moment and the illustrations are painfully literal. A slide beginning “there are four exceptions” will be illustrated with a hand holding up four fingers. Does my learning suffer if they spend less on clip-art? Maybe it keeps the mind from wandering, this is pretty dry stuff.


I remember that look in my eyes in shot #4.
“Disc 37 of 38. I’m almost done installing Microsoft Office.”


“Install file not found. Please insert Disk 37 of 38.”


By coincidence I’ve been browsing through a huge collection of mid-90s digital clip/stock art. It’s full of stuff like this, both photos and illustrations. Which started me to wondering: did anyone actually use these images? Has anyone seen one in print?


Missed one:


These remind me of an industrial computer advertising photo that I actually posed for, red necktie swept back over my shoulder, in the late 80s. It had every cliche that would fit in the frame. (I also designed the circuit boards being advertised.)
I wonder if it’s still around somewhere. Probably ran in ‘VMEbus Monthly’ or some other such noteworthy publication.


On the one hand, at least he’s not wearing shoes, on the other hand, he’s not wearing shoes.


I have a love for bad stock photographs.
They brighten my day.


I always keep some stock photography around for making soup.


Can I get this one in a gigantic poster? This looks like a cliche movie hacker up to no good. I feel like maybe he’s going to hack my gigabit static IP.


I’m pretty sure I’ve already seen this guy a few times as the image base for meming.


“At last, I can mail my personality backup to Ray Kurzweil!”


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