Teenage Engineering introduces three new pocket synthesizers


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/03/02/teenage-engineering-introduces.html


The PO-35 display has


I like it when misspellings end up inside things.



I love it!


I myself am averse to synthetic pockets.


The legend is that all the GUIs are designed by one of the engineer’s very young daughters. r/synthesizers had more than few threads speculating on this one :slight_smile:


I can’t help but feel all Teenage Engineering product is more about the “neato” factor than anything else. I’ve hands on’d one or two of their things before and can’t imagine using them in a live situation and didnt even find the sound compelling for any studio projects.

Not bashing their effort, just that their things don’t seem to be for me.


@Israel_B This target demographic explains everything with one sexy smile:
Oh my! Where did all the other posts in this thread go? :o


I have two of these and it really depends on the kind of music you make. For most musicians this will be nothing more than a neat little toy, They’re also great for teaching kids about music synthesis.


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