Teenage magician's mind-blowing coin magic

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Oh yes, very talented–but isn’t it easy, when you’ve got such charming dimples? Who could keep their eyes on his sleight of hand when he keeps smiling like that!

EDIT: I really do mean “he”. The other commenters thought–as I did initially–that this is a girl. But his name is Moritz.


Even at 0.25x speed, I can’t see how she does most of these tricks. I can only conclude she’s a witch. A super adorable witch.

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She can’t be a real magician: that video was shot in one continuous take.

Doesn’t she know that magic tricks’ videos need lots of zoom cuts, different angle cuts, jump cuts?

TIL that you can palm coins with your wrist. :open_mouth:


I find the current trend towards the androgynous for kids so entertaining.

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