Watch child ruin magician's trick on television

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Who are you calling a twerp?

If the magician can’t fool a child, that’s his problem. He should get better at his job.


Somehow the theater seemed to darken, although the electric lights still burned. In dead silence, there seemed to be the sound of wings, leathery wings, as though invisible Things were gathering.
On the stage was a dim red radiance. From the head and from each shoulder of the tall figure of the magician there sprang a tiny flame.A naked flame.
There were other flames. They flickered along the proscenium of the stage, along the footlights. One sprang from the lid of the folded box little Herbie Westerman still held in his hands. Herbie dropped the box.
Did I mention that Herbie Westerman was a Safety Cadet? It was purely a reflex action. A boy of nine doesn’t know much about things like Armageddon, but Herbie Westerman should have known that water would never have put out that fire.
But, as I said, it was purely a reflex action. He yanked out his new water pistol and squirted it at the box of the pigeon trick. And the fire did vanish, even as a spray from the stream of water ricocheted and dampened the trouser leg of Gerber the Great, who had been facing the other way.
There was a sudden, brief hissing sound. The lights were growing bright again, and all the other flames were dying, and the sound of wings faded, blended into another sound—rustling of the audience.
The eyes of the prestidigitator were closed. His voice sounded strangely strained as he said: “This much power I retain. None of you will remember this.”

–from Armageddon by Frederic Brown


Well, being a magician for over 30 years, I can tell you that ADULTS are easier to fool than CHILDREN.

Why? Because children do not have preconceived notions on how the world works, adults do.

Also, we all have bad days. We are human you know.



The magician in question also is David Williamson, one of the funniest and best magicians alive today.

Also… 20+ years later after the “Murray incident,” David Williamson had him on stage:


Oh, excellent! Will add this. Thanks!


Goddamit, by no means did I intend to flag this for moderation. Apparently I clicked this while trying to delete my butt-post, and I don’t see how to undo it.

Let’s see if he can figure out tricks while ensconced at Gitmo!

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