Tekken Piano


AKA “Doom piano refurbished”.

Schubert vs Symphony No. 8, “Finish him!”

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Wrong game.

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In my defence (triangle, up, exe, down, down, left) I’ve never Tekkened; though I have SoulCalibured a bit. So I’ll apologise in the manner of Sophitia, “I’m sorry”.

4 years ago, a friend of mine did a similar work with drums, arduino and Tekken 2 on Playstation, http://vimeo.com/4174846

I recently cobbled together an AutoHotKey script that maps MIDI signals to a virtual joystick. All so I could use an expression pedal (on a Behringer FCB1010) as an accelerator pedal in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Let me add 2 more to the list:


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