Player piano and robot drummer perform Nintendo classics


This is doing much more than just playing some tunes. The entire sound output of an emulated NES system is being intercepted and performed in real time.

Yes, true. I’ve clarified my post to better call attention to that. Thanks.

This makes me deeply happy. Thanks for posting it, Pesco!

Other possible uses:

  • Your phone sends its ringtone to the upright piano in the corner of
    the Western saloon.
  • Your Pandora station’s audio signal (via
    headphone jack) is intercepted and re-interpreted as piano music,
    with OCR-style errors.

If this came true, I’d never leave my Western saloon-styled living room.

You’d just shoot at the piano to change Spotify stations. “No, smooth jazz, dad gummit! SMOOTH JAZZ!” bang bang bang

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