Check out this cool synthesizer based on the cellular automaton, Game of Life

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in some ways this reminds me of various studies for the player piano that conlon nancarrow created with a piano roll cutter.


Speaking of video games, interesting choice of a Silent Hill 2 song in the video background.

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I noticed that. Silent hill 2 has one of the all time best game soundtracks. Silent hill 3’s was very good too.

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Mesmerising. Like a relic from a future that never happend.


I love the retrofuturistic look of this (and wound up looking up his page as a result). Hmm, I wonder if it has a Ras-

Yup. Now I’m getting ideas on something to try in my Copious Free Time (which means, not likely to happen).


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I give it a 3. It had a nice beat but I couldn’t dance to it.

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