Telcoms companies try to rescue TV by imposing Internet usage caps on cord-cutters

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How the hell is this legal?


Regulatory capture. “Campaign donations”. Internet not being classified as a utility. Take your pick.


The internet is the only way we can get real information anymore. That’s definitely got to stop.


That building image was unmistakable to me. I drove by it plenty when I lived in Houston, it is on the 3300 block of Weslayan. Not too many 10+ story windowless buildings out there in the world. The shadow of the old Bell logo was the true giveaway.


I don’t even own a television, and I would be pretty mad if I was forced to pay for it.


We cut the cord a decade ago and went strictly internet with Netflix, Hulu, etc. We can only get Suddenlink up here. One day, our Internet connection shut down and a message appeared “Please call Suddenlink at blah…blah.” I called and was informed that we had reached our Data Cap of 50 Gig. And for another $25 p/m we could have 70 Gig. So I signed up and everything was fine for ages. Oddly, lately we exceed that cap by 50 Gig p/m. My total charges are now in the $120 p/m range. Surprise!

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Ma Bell is the back bone of civil defense. True, not too many 10+ story windowless building, but several hundred scattered across the country.

This is just a more explicit version of Comcast capping everyone at 300GB to make sure their VOD and TV service doesn’t look like the worst deal imaginable.

I have noticed that Cox sends me a piece of junk mail every month, urging me to get a TV bundle with my Internet service. Perhaps they think I want them to spend my money enticing me to buy services I don’t want.

I expect to have to have a nice chat with them when the cap thing happens. Just a matter of time, I suppose.


I’ve got a cable box sitting, never opened, in its box in my basement. The only way to get a decent deal on internet is to get it with TV here. Comcast shows that my cable box is plugged in and “working” on their site also. Such a load of horse shit.


There’s a 55 story one in NYC:

(actually around 30 stories because each one is 18’ tall instead of ~10’)

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Perhaps a harbinger. or equivalent in many of these windowless hyper-cross-switch buildings ~ there seems to be a new version publicly acknowledged about august of 2015 ~ the telcoms ( or other backbone providers ) must raise revenue to offset this " feature " somehow , eh ?


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