Teletubbies do Die Antwoord's "I Fink U Freeky"


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Just perfect.

Put that on your VCR on repeat to your children. They will grow to be proper mutants.


So THAT’s where that acid tab went.




This video has been a real litmus test on my social media circles. It results in very polarizing views and clearly points to who’s opinion I value (those who think this is a beautiful mashup) and those I could care less what they think (those who think this is disturbing and should never have been made)


What if I feel both ways?


Then you are someone I would be happy to debate with.


For anyone older than about 14, the math really doesn’t work out for this to be a “troubling childhood memory”, unless you were watching this way outside the intended viewing age.


Nearly all of my teletubbies viewing was in my 30s.


Oddly, I can say the same thing!

Perhaps it’s because that’s when my kids were watching it?


Same here! I think I enjoyed it more than my kids did! It was on early in the morning as I got home from “mild” 14-hour work shifts, so I was already spacing out. It synergized with my mood. I watched a lot of Tiny Planets around this time also.


I sad that Ninja’s breakdown in the middle of the song was edited out.


5 double whiskeys and a pot cookie, that freaked me out!



Because 1): No Ninja

And 2): this,



Fun fact…I am in that picture.


You ever watched Boohbah? That one was almost too damn much.


So when’s Neill Blomkamp going to start working on a Teletubbies movie?


Dark jacket, or yellow sleeves? :laughing:


It was on on a saturda morning at the height of the rave scene, so I watched a lot of it whilst still very high post-party.