Video: Baby Burble Babble


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My daughter loved that game when she was probably a little older than that kid. She also got her turn bibbling my mouth while I vocalized.

Evidently this is a remix of same.

Someone needs to do a rap or hip hop version of that…

Dubstep baby!

Why does this video feel like it should be locked in an SCP Foundation vault somewhere?

At worst, it’s just a Euclid-class cognitohazard.

That baby looks like Roy Batty!

You owe me a cup of tea. “I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe! Teletubbies on fire off the shoulder of orion, glittering spittle on a pacifier. All these memories will be gone forever. Like tears on my bib. Time to grow up.”


Beautifully adapted! And strangely touching as I look across the table at my own 1-year-old and think of all her memories to be lost (like tears in the rain) when her brain rewires itself at the age of 4.

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