Ten cool inventions unveiled at Engadget's Expand event


Autoplays and will not pause. Make this go away with extreme prejudice please.


Interesting, but annoying that it can’t be easily stopped. I was able to stop it by going to the AOL link, but please fix it.

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Has anyone mentioned the autoplay?

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Autoplay? I don’t see any autoplay… Flash-block type plug-ins are your friend.

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MF autoplay. Kill kill kill

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nothing stops it EXCEPT clicking the on.aol button…well, it doesn’t stop it, it pauses while buffering AND opens a page to on.aol.com. I like Boing Boing too much to speculate about this. However: Not happy about this.

For those with Chrome who want to change all* their plug-ins from “run automatically”, you can go into settings | show advanced settings | privacy | content settings | plug-ins, and enable “Click to Play”.

That will prevent it from auto-playing when you load the page containing the video. The video is grayed out and you have to ‘click to run adobe flash player’, but once you do you can’t stop it. grrr

*(Please notice this affects ALL your plug-ins, so you may not want to do it).

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Wire bender was nifty, but I immediately saw a few improvements that could be made to it, not the least of which being repositioning the bending pin while the wire feed was active, rather than just getting it out of the way. Would substantially increase the speed.

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