Terminal Phase: side-scrolling shooter in the terminal

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VT100 compatible?


This brings to mind an ASCII cribbage game I made … oh god 18 years ago

Builds fine with GCC on a GNU/Linux box. I haven’t tried other platforms though. Feel free to try if you want - it can be found at http://weirdly.net/software/c/Netcrib.tgz

The weird name is because I had intentions of making it a multi-player network game, but that never came about. Plays nicely as a standalone though.


looks like Scramble

I used to love that game

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Reminds me of an old text-mode “tunnel flyer” game that I think someone wrote for a competition to make the smallest-possible DOS game. I don’t suppose anyone else recalls that…?

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Kind of neat that this was all written in Racket (aka scheme, aka lisp).

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