Terrible airlines

So my fam and I have been vacationing in Orlando for the past week.

We go to the airport tonight happy to be heading home and discover our flight is cancelled. I try to reschedule and everything for Friday is cancelled and all of Saturday is booked. First available: Sunday am.

I ask what’s going on why are flights cancelled “we don’t know. It was the FAA. Not us”. Ok. Why are other airlines flying then just fine? “Sorry no idea. Our flights were cancelled”.

Yeah. See. If the FAA cancels flights due to weather the airline is off the hook. It’s an act of god. But if the airline cancels because they screwed up well they ARE on the hook.

As it turns out Southwest had a computer glitch on Wednesday that screwed a bunch of things up. Flights were cancelled and moved and people bumped. Etc etc.

My issue is this. You left me and mine (a family of 5) stranded in Orlando. We can get a car for a couple of days. A room. The dog can stay at the kennel. Someone will water our garden. No harm no foul.

But southwest has not desire more willingness to accept any culpability. No comped hotel or rental. No airline miles. Nothing. Not even an apology.

American has always been good to us. Southwest has shown us that we should pay more to fly with American.


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