Terrifying proposal for airplane seating


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BA business class alternates forwards and backwards like this (just a little nicer).

Taking off facing backwards is…odd.


Making coach worse is a winning strategy for airlines.

A winning strategy.


Obligatory The Onion:

United Airlines Exploring Viability Of Stacking Them Like Cordwood


I think that I’d prefer that half standing seating.

Edit: especially if the pilot did a few steep climbs-n-dives to give it a nice roller-coaster vibe.


Bunks for everyone! They could be built with privacy, even if quite narrow and would allow you to stretch out.


Get rid of the aisles and hand out feed bags and catheters.


I always imagined that this was the obvious next step in the security paranoia, except every seat involves handcuffs and muzzles to make sure nobody can detonate a bomb or shank a flight attendant… you know, for your safety!



The forced intimacy will also do wonders to diminish the ancient racism between whites and greys.


you guys really need to check out my human caterpillar seating!


Beat me to it. I have insipidus, so I’d have to get up a couple times an hour. I also have sensory processing issues, so I actually have to avoid airports, buses, trains, etc. anyway.



The Airline Deregulation Act passed in 1978, so you didn’t have the push towards cattle-cars before then. 1988 had the Lockerbie disaster, which ended up killing PanAm, we all know what happened in 2001, and 2004 had a big oil shock which sent fuel prices sky high. While I wish I could say that crappy service hurt profits, I don’t see it in this graph.


Why must the hexagonal arrangement be combined with having the seats face in opposite directions? Why not just have a hexagonal arrangement?


Wide shoulders and narrow feet. Alternating forwards and backwards makes for more packing efficiency.


Is it time for my capsule hotel / airplane hybrid concept yet?


I’ve always hoped they’d switch to booths with tables like in diners and serve real meals.


Why not just have a hexagonal arrangement?

Probably because the geometry of seat backs would block access and exit.


What the heck happened in 2007?