Terrorists killed by possessed bees and snakes


So maybe there is a God of some kind or at least Karma has gotten on the fast track. Go Snakes! Go Bees!

Maybe someone could suggest to these cretins that perhaps there is a price to pay when you act as rabid animals.


“…the Chibok people are using juju to pursue us …”


Image that. A group that believes “that the fact of a spherical Earth is contrary to Islamic teaching and should be rejected, along with Darwinian evolution and the fact of rain originating from water evaporated by the sun” ends up being superstitious.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boko_Haram


Targeted killing by bees and snakes you say? Superstition perhaps, but given recent advances in both bee and snake technology, it won’t be long before we have to ask ourselves whether the claims deserve further inspection. Also only a matter of time before our enemies develop very specific superstitions related to the belly button. Not one to be generally paranoid, but these are just the links to the stuff that is made public…


I do like spiders and snakes!

and bees too :stuck_out_tongue:


That doesn’t sound like the language a dedicated militant would use to describe his own group’s actions. I wonder if this story is some kind of psyops/misinformation campaign to discourage would-be terrorists from joining Boko Haram. In which case I hope it works, I guess.


I’m just going to assume Yahoo News UK is sub Dailymail level news reporting.

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That particular flavor of miniaturization is going to get unpleasant once it’s ready for the field.

Specifically, the desire to weaponize will be overwhelming; but payload constraints will largely preclude projectiles or explosives. Just like real bugs, only chemical and biological agents will fit.

Won’t playing a mental game of ‘annoying mosquito or Markov Mosquito?’ every time you feel a bite be so thrilling?


Isn’t it inconvenient that nobody seems to hate science, or ‘westernization’, enough to develop a disbelief in ballistics or chemistry?


Yeah, that unlikely language struck me, too. It could be psyops, but given that the source is Yahoo news, it could be just a media fabrication. I’ve seen “facts” that, when I hunted them down, were originally sourced from Yahoo news stories and turned out to be, let us say, creative fiction. This seems to be doubly likely for stories out of Africa. Hopefully it isn’t just a media creation, whatever it is.

Ahem, well, actually, a belief that certain types of magic will make one bulletproof do exist in parts of the world, including the area in question:


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What about ants? :stuck_out_tongue:

All I can say is it could not happen to a ‘nicer’ bunch of fellows.

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Fuck yeah, Navy SEALs did it again, and they made it look like bees and snakes! Or maybe the CIA, I’m not really sure.

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Looks like a textbook PSYOPS exploiting the superstitions of the targets. See e.g. The Exploitation of Superstitions for Purposes of Psychological Warfare by the RAND thinktank.

A classical case is the exploitation of the Asuwang (local version of a vampire) myth of the Huk rebels in 50’s in Philippines. Major General Edward G. Lansdale’s psyops squad captured the last Huk patrol member, punctured two telltale holes to his neck, hung him upside down to bleed dry, then brought him back to the trail to be found by his comrades. Soon afterwards the Huks vacated the area - something that was difficult to achieve using just weapons. See here.

Isn’t psychology fun?

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