Texas bans abortion after six weeks

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what a dignified portrait of the governor. what the hell happened? photoshop blow out or something?


My wife keeps asking me why we stay in Texas.

I am increasingly unable to come up with reasons other than “families are here.”



now we are talking. thanks rob

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Has Beto announced that he is running yet?

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Let’s Title IX this and make men in TX get tested for a posterior heartbeat before they are allowed to take a dump.

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so uhhhh I need to note here that it’s effectively a total ban on abortion:

  • many uterus wielders experience a five week period
  • due to high stress and food insecurity, many have irregular periods
  • texas redefined six weeks to mean 42 days after sex, instead of the medical version
  • fetal developmental abnormalties can’t be detected until 10 weeks
  • the “fetus” at “six weeks” doesn’t have a heart, only “moves” due to electric stimulation, same way as petri-dish cultured human cells do
  • anyone can now sue anyone else if they feel like someone encouraged, assisted, or otherwise was related to someone who obtained a basic medical procedure (abortion) or someone who procured a medicinal termination, regardless of whether one actually occured

other notes

  • texas is following this up with an attempted ban on puberty blockers because fuck you, you will become a breeding slave, that’s why
  • texas is also following this up with forcing schools to repeatedly notfiy parents ahead of classes in which [checks notes] the curriculum acknowledges that people have genders and also ahead of [checks notes] health classes that teach students about basic functions of the human body.

They really don’t care how legally defensible the shit they are flinging at the wall is. They are itching to get this crap to the Supreme Court so they can attack Roe vs Wade and fuck over the whole country. Fucking rat bastards.


It’s a good reminder that these attacks on women across the board (and trans boys and men, too) are real, an attack on all our civil rights, and a slippery slope that very much might get validated by the SC within the year.

Nah… I should just learn to take jokes about our subjugation. /s :roll_eyes:


I don’t think so. That “We’re going to take your guns” line probably means he is unelectable here.

I hope Wendy Davis tries again.

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I’d be curious to hear more from her outside of a pull quote, but I think we’d be horrified by how far they would go. They’ve already tried to revoke birthright citizenship and push for tax benefits to change the legal status for fetuses. When pushing to defund Planned Parenthood they ignore their contribution to prenatal care. I never see any effort to bolster those lost funds. Texas has very sad numbers around infant and maternal mortality. The numbers are even more heartbreaking if you break it down by race.

She has some recent interviews on her Twitter. She has some good insight on how the legal structure of this bill makes it more difficult to challenge.


Great Nation of Texas, eh?. Until it needs a taxpayer-funded bailout.
Glad I live in Minnesota.

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Do you really think this is going to stop with Texas? If the bill is successful there, you’re going to see it (or variants on it) introduced in all 50 states. And they will keep trying to pass it until it’s law everywhere in America.

None of us is free unless all of us are free.


Pass the Women’s Health Protection Act now!

HELL, YEAH… that’s something we should all be behind.

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No, it won’t. Because this issue is about to hit the SC, and our rights are now considered negotiable.

damn right walter white GIF by Breaking Bad


I get the feeling that Greg Abbott hates life in general. He is a bitter, twisted man whose only motivation is to make others suffer. This new law is typical in that it concentrates on punishing.

Or Texas really is Hell.