Texas doctor's consent form for women seeking abortions


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Good on ya, doc.


Can we just let Texas leave please? I have yet to find any reason they need to stay in the US.


Yes. This is how you do this.

Fuck Texas for their bullshit law.


I love this doctor.



She wasn’t required to wear the red letter A? How progressive.


Let me guess: Austin?


One of the chilling thing is that the woman would be committing an offence if she closes her eyes or looks away from the ultrasound screen, conjuring up wonderfully horrific A Clockwork Orange images. Yay Land of the Free.


As long as there is no way to prove you didn’t look you don’t have to look.
The paperwork however has to be in order.


I wonder where he was born and raised before he moved to Texas. Bravo Doc!


I’m giving this a like because 1) the issue and 2) ST:TNG, even though the Ferengi are creeps.

Edited to add: I “liked” everyone’s above mine. Sigh. Texas.


What, you think saying “HU-MAN FE-MALES” is creepy?

Yeah, I kind of love that gif… And I have a soft spot fro quark, even though you’re right about Ferengi… but it’s Deep Space 9, not TNG, though it’s the TNG universe. /pedantry


My apologies. After TNG, I kind of lost track of the three two spin-offs and Enterprise reboot (although as much as I love me some Scott Bakula). :wink:


Could almost have been written by Garry Trudeau. Bravo


Actually Armin Shimerman also played a Ferengi in the “Next Generation” episode which introduced that species, so I guess it could be either/both.

//double pedantry


Yeah, no need to apologize… I’ve been rewatching all Star Trek series, so I’m all up on series as of now.


I knew that!


So at least a single candle burns bright in Texas…


Nah. The law commits the doctor to his recitation. The patient is certainly not in legal danger if she does not listen.


Yay Land of the Free

It is now a capitol offense to use that phrase ironically.