Texas hospital just lost 153 employees who refuse to get a Covid-19 shot

Well, don’t let the door hit you where billions of years of evolution split you.


I’m no longer sure about this. You may be right but my imagination conjures a more cinematic reaction.


More to the point, all the safety testing is done. Nothing new is going to show up between EUA and full approval with respect to safety testing. If it wasn’t safe, it wouldn’t have gotten the EUA.

Short term efficacy, from the trial start until “right now” is known. They work great. What’s not known is “long term efficacy”. Do they keep protecting “forever”, “virtually forever”, or “it’s only been a 11 months since we started, so we don’t know longer yet”.

Everything in the vaccine has left your system in a few days. There’s no way for it to cause any harm after that. The only things they’re finding now are things that are so rare and unlikely that millions of doses were needed before any cases were found. At this point, things so rare that hundreds of millions of doses were needed before any cases were found rare. All the approved vaccine options are many orders of magnitude safer than the risk of catching COVID.

The only thing final approval will update is the long term efficacy. Did the vaccine produce a reaction when given that lasts for the long term or is there some diminishing return and you’ll need a booster.

Might as well get back to “get your damn shots and STFU”, that’s the correct place to be.


They work in a job with the sick and vulnerable, some of whom may not be able to get vaccinated. As such, they can be vectors for what can kill such people.

At some point we need to start taking this shit seriously and stop pretending like there is some both sides here. There is not. If they can’t be depended upon to protect the public in their position in the medical field, maybe they need to go find work where they are not in contact with the vulnerable.


Which is extra bullshit because there’s a HUGE difference between organically bound mercury and inorganic elemental mercury anyways.

Ms. Bobo and I both got the vaccine when we could, as did our living parents, and we worry about GirlChild who is not yet old enough to get a vaccine. All of these assholes who could be out contributing to “herd immunity” and choosing not to for BS reasons. If you’ve got a legit medical reason, by then all means avoid the vaccine like a plague, but the selfish assholes who look for some conspiracy based excuse…

Grrr… Ship them all to a small island, and let the disease take them.


Chlorine kills! Pass the salt please would you?


Saline solution!

I’ve seen what happens when you toss sodium in water! I’m not having any of that in my veins!


What does the FDA approval really mean in this case? Are they somehow going to test the vaccines on more than the 100 million people who have already gotten it?




No loss at all, just a necessary purge. The 153 “employees” are doing them a favor- if they can’t even get behind something as indisputably beneficial as vaccines, just think how many patients they’ve harmed with their anti-science views behind the scenes. Good riddance.


Unfortunately I think you’re right, though writhing in agony while bleeding out of every orifice and pore, with a 60% ~ 90% fatality rate and near guaranteed chance of infection if coming into contact with bodily fluid might change a few minds.

Otherwise, it may be a gooey “Lathe of Heaven” reboot…

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If they’re not smart enough to get vaccinated, I sure wouldn’t want them “caring” for me. They’re probably not smart enough to wash their hands after wiping their bottoms either. Do we really want ‘typhoid Mary’ working in a hospital?

I’m reminded of stories of covid patients swearing with their last breaths that covid isn’t real


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