Mayo Clinic fires 700 workers, 1% of its workforce, who refused covid jab

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Oh wow, that’s 700 people that went to school at great cost of time & money to deny what they learned at school. You can’t make this shit up.


It’s not clear how many of those workers are actual medical professionals; for all we know a majority of the 700 workers were administrators, clerical workers, cafeteria and janitorial staff, etc.

(At least we can hope that most of them weren’t doctors and nurses, because that would be terrifying)


That’s what I’m hearing from a friend in hospital administration: a large percentage of anti-vaxxers are support staff (although, there’s a surprising number of nurses), but without them a hospital is severely hampered as well.


At least it’s easier to train new recruits to work as hospital support staff than to move a whole new generation of doctors through medical school.


In the giant healthcare organization which I work for - doctors and nurses are 99% vaxxed as well - in Canada which has some ok vax rates. So 1% in Mayo is probably nurses and docs too. Support staff vax rates are higher - probably because those folks really need a paycheck and have no safety net.

Surprisingly - the one area that has a lower vax rate is lab tech workers - those who process blood results. Maybe it’s due to working in a sterile lab with no interaction with the public, maybe it’s something else. But you’d think the lab folks would be 100% vaxxed.


With the current incentive structures in place, this can be interpreted as “1% of workforce took a X weeks paid-time-off buyout” which sounds a bit low, honestly.


Another hospital forced to make the obvious point that “this is a place of science”.


I hope that this will go down on their permanent records - in case they apply for healthcare jobs in the future, so they cannot pretend this didn’t happen.



I spent a week at the Mayo Clinic where they finally told me WTF is wrong with me. A top notch research hospital where your treatment will come from more than one background. It is a team effort. I can’t say enough good things about it. Cleveland Clinic is also good in my book.

So if someone says they don’t trust the government, I ask them who do you trust? If you have stage IV cancer right now, and you could go to any hospital free of charge and they will try to save your life, where are you going? Some place like the Mayo Clinic, right?

Whatever the answer, then ask yourself, “What are they saying about how to handle Covid?” If you trust them to save your life for cancer, but not for Covid, then you should really ask yourself why?

Not sure how you would do that for most people. Though remember a place like the Mayo Clinic has A LOT of support employees who aren’t directly giving health care. They are cleaning, cooking, maintaining the building, answering phones, security, etc etc.


In Michigan, it’s almost entirely nurses and support staff that refuse the jabs. It’s mind boggling that the people who administer shots are refusing this series of shots.


For most cancers, normally your best bet in the U.S. would be MD Anderson in Houston. But there’s no way I’d go to Houston during this pandemic. So yes, as you say, Mayo or Cleveland Clinic would be next on the list, unless one is already in a major metropolitan area (NYC, LA, Chicago).

It’s a good reminder that even the best medical center is exactly as vulnerable as the area in which it stands, and the beneficiary or victim of the politicians who run that locality.


Ah, good to know. But still, what is their advice for Covid? Probably the same as all the other top hospitals.

Arkansas, Iowa, Tennessee, Florida and Kansas have recently passed laws specifying that workers who lose their jobs for not getting vaccinated can receive unemployment benefits.

Reap benefits for being a dumbass.

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Did this just happen? Why the incredibly long delay if so?

The company says they can get their jobs back if they get vaxxed.

Jesus, NO. Your incompetent employees just outed themselves and you barely had to do anything. Why on Earth would you then turn around and undo that immense benefit?


And saves the lives of untold numbers of patients, employees and family members.

Good trade.


Did you see the news about Henry Ford this morning?

700 employees or about 2% are out with covid. They shut down 97 beds due to staff shortage.

Between the ignorance and the virus we’re screwed if we need emergency care for anything.


I don’t watch news in the morning (6 PM I’ll watch), but yup, drive very carefully, and keep your fingers crossed that significant snow fall holds off a couple weeks (to avoid cardio emergency).


Because the health care industry is over stressed and can ill afford to lose workers?