Mayo Clinic fires 700 workers, 1% of its workforce, who refused covid jab

Medicine is a competitive field, though I can see why people would think twice about entering it at this particular point in time. But retaining workers who have shown they have utter contempt for medicine, science and the health of themselves and their patients is not going to be a good move in the long run.


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Tangentially related…

Should Boingbong accept ads from this kind of t-shirt company?

(Yes, I’m over 50 and grouchy, so the ad targeting is sort of on mark. But the beard, tats, and anti-vax shirt is waaaaaay off. You really need to tighten up your algorithms, there Google.)


Oddly enough, I’m ok with that, as long as they make it universal, not just for declining vaccination. It would make sure organizations really want to fire someone rather than just cronies firing a good worker in order to make room for their incompetent college buddy, Squee.


I read BB in Brave browser, and the lack of ads is a breath of fresh air.


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This true, but there will be a few. Still too many, though.


Cheers! That worked beautifully.

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they don’t need to work for a ‘high caliber’ hospital if not in the ‘fight’ to ‘protect’ lives vs ‘wanting’ to endanger the public. Sad choice to make but that ‘me, me, me’ attitude does go into ‘extreme’ for some people. :roll_eyes:

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