Red Cross anti-vax nurse who gave 8,600 elderly patients saline instead of Covid vaccine spared prison

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I don’t know which is worse, the stupid decision to administer saline instead of a vaccine for 8600 patients during a pandemic, or the decision to only sentence this nurse to 6 months of probation.


The article says she was sacked, but that and the 6 months is woefully inadequate. Ah, the article includes a bit more good news:

In addition, Antje T’s licence to work as a nurse has been revoked, media reported.

If any of those patients who she “treated” dies of COVID, I wonder if she would be criminally or civilly liable.


Both, at least in the US. For civil, I think plaintiff would have to prove that the lack of vaccine was the proximate cause of death. Perhaps difficult, but I’d guess achievable given the right facts in a wrongful death case.

Intent would likely take 1st degree or attempted murder off the table, but I’d think something like negligent homicide would be an option in most states.


Then almost no one should be in prison.


It’s cool, attempted (or maybe actual, who knows) mass murder is fine as long as it doesn’t get bloody. Of course, anyone who refused to wear a mask or isolate during the pandemic was essentially playing Russian roulette with themselves, anyone they walked too close to, and the families or roommates of both parties, and society apparently decided that level of random murder didn’t deserve any punishment whatsoever, so I’m not too surprised.


Well, if they are not going to send her to prison (which they should) she should at least be made to do hundreds of hours of community service in an old person’s home, caring for the sort of people whose health and safety she was so careless about.


well , it’s germany. the us has the world’s largest prison population by percentage i believe, so rest assured we’re the outlier


There are more than 10.35 million people incarcerated throughout the world with the most being in the United States–more than 2.2 million. Seychelles has the highest prison population rate in the world with 799 per 100,000 of its total population. It is followed by the United States (698),
World Prison Population List|Eleventh Edition | National Institute of Corrections

apparently germany has 63,000 people in prison. so 78 per 100,000


Hopefully she will be prevented from having another human under her care for the rest of her life.


And endanger them? She should be kept well away from people with potentially poor health.


Community service is typically supervised.

Then again, there was The Outlaws.


Given we’re talking about a group of 8600 elderly patients, there must have been a number of people who died as a direct result of this. Hundreds and hundreds of people, even, who are unambiguously dead directly as a result of her actions. The sentence is confounding.

A lot of adult diapers to be changed, bedpans to be emptied…


It’s actually an interesting study of the proper use of procedural prosecution. They had concrete evidence that she tampered with 6 vaccines, and they found out that many more patients have not been vaccinated that she was responsible for. Obviously, that means she is a lying sack of shit compared to her story, but she has kept to her story that she broke 6 vials and changed those over as a one time mistake out of professional embarrassment. Her personal posts are more than enough to ruin her career and taint her name forever in any future work she does, but legally it is circumstantial along with all the other cases where people were not vaccinated.

I think that the circumstances as is should be stronger than 6 months of probation, since she is clearly a risk to the community, but this does seem like how criminal justice should work if it was ever applied fairly to all people.


So one of the possibly most prolific serial killers of all time was caught, but yay, she got the “right” judge.

Looking forward to her podcast, speaking tour, and FoxNews appearances.


Wow, she’s essentially ruined now. That license was her livelihood. Still not punishment enough. I wonder if any of those bereft of vaccine died from covid.


Naw. She should never be allowed into a care position again

Ditch digging and bog cleaning maybe?


I consider doctors and nurses scientists. Or at the least “people of science”.
I know that there are nuts in any field, no matter what it is. But for some reason when coming across someone who has literally dedicated their lives to health care and science and see they’ve been pulled so hard off the rails is quite ponderous.


i mean, she worked in public health in germany.

i kind of assume the worst punishment they could possibly feel comfortable leveling at her is removing her nursing pension and retirement benefits.


That would be very much like the robocall scammers getting sentenced to registering Black voters. I question the wisdom…


Screw that - hefty prison time for them.

She probably killed and caused disability in people. And assaulted them by phony medical procedures.