Red Cross anti-vax nurse who gave 8,600 elderly patients saline instead of Covid vaccine spared prison

Oh, you sweet summer child. There are so many MD’s, RN’s etc. in the Covid denier / antivaxxer / homeopathy camp. I am convinced most are in it for the money, which can be very good, but some are true believers. Basically, in any group, there will be assholes. No exceptions.



it’s as irritating as RWNJ pharmacists that don’t want to dispense birth control - if you can’t do the job, quit! You don’t see me expecting to be the Pope even though I don’t believe in it


The US version got 3 years for less. Of course, since this is 'Murica, he went far far beyond what the German nurse did outside of the COVID vaccine.

When arrested, he mentioned that he’d be dosing saline in vaccines, all of them, for years, and persuaded colleagues to do the same. So this guy was giving saline instead of MMR, flu, polio, etc. A real first class winner.


Six months probation?

That’s a goddamn disgrace of the justice system.

If you’re going to give her probation, give her probation commensurate to the severity of the crimes committed.

Something like five years probation.

Personally, I’d favor jail time.



I appreciate the thought, but I don’t think I would want her anywhere near my elderly relatives 0.0


It’s worse than that. The ripple effect out from that group would be mind blowing. It’s not just the deaths and illness in those she witheld vaccine from; it’s all of their close contacts; it’s their close contacts, and so on. Then factor in the mutation of the virus within those infected in the above group. It’s possible (though not probable) that Omicron or one of its variants originated with that group, and we know Omicron is responsible for over a million deaths globally.

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Yeah, the indirect harm is huge and incalculable, but the direct harm, that we can know she’s personally responsible for - every person that she failed to vaccinate, who died of covid, whose death is unambiguously her fault - is staggering enough. And surely that’s something they actually could track and figure out.


The whole modern anti-vax industry was invented by a (now-banned) British doctor with his paper on MMA vaccination causing autism.


Wakefield was hardly the inventor of the movement. It goes back to the late 1700s and the smallpox vaccine.


From what I understand, his original paper was along the lines of having measles, mumps and rubella vaccines all in one injection was too much for the body to handle. This then caused a knock on effect which would cause issues in a child’s gut bacteria, and factored into a theory Wakefield and some other “doctors” were working on at the time which was that gut bacteria were a driver for autism.

I know. It’s crazy already.

But the craziest thing is that the paper doesn’t even advocate for vaccines to not be delivered, only for them to be delivered separately, one for each disease. The original grift was going to be that Wakefield and his company were going to sell the separate vaccines and make money that way.

There’s absolutely no substance at all to the original paper. It doesn’t even say what people think it says. It’s like a semi-grift trying to parade itself as reasonable, but it ended up getting away from them all and turning into a movement they couldn’t control.


Yes, the number 8600 is a red herring. She was charged with 15 specific instances and found guilty of six of them. Plain battery without any proven harm and no prior convictions - nobody actually goes to prison for that.


100 hours of adjusting the awnings the way they like, jockeying chairs and biscuits, more likely. Let the pros wrangle nan into the bath and back.


Well it’s roughly 86, but the hospital was onto it and notified around…so more like 6.

It seems pretty likely that she will end up working in elderly care anyway. There is a huge staff shortage and home care services take anyone with a pulse (how long they last is a different matter). A disgraced nurse they can pay as unskilled is like Christmas for those people.

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Oh, I know all that. It’s just that little slice of me (very little slice) that isn’t the jaded AF old genx part still jumps up to have a say in my noggin once and a while.

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