Pharmacist pleads guilty to sabotaging 500 doses of Moderna COVID vaccine, federal charges could bring up to 20 years in prison

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He could easily have killed people who would have counted on the efficacy of the vaccine as front line workers. He should get the maximum sentence.

(Of course, Trump’s malevolent sabotage of Covid health measures, including vaccine distribution, killed tens or even hundreds of thousands. He should be criminally prosecuted, too.)


I just…

Even granting the first part of this, how do you get from being skeptical of vaccines to intentionally spoiling them? Even if you think they’re dangerous, do you think they get less so after rotting for a bit?

I’m deeply skeptical of homeopathy, yet lack any desire to, I dunno, go pee in people’s snake oil.


Yeah, that seems to suggest he knows they do work, but wants to discredit them by denaturing the vaccine so it doesn’t. Motivated reasoning is a weird thing. :woman_shrugging:


A pharmacist. Who is skeptical. Of vaccines.

That alone should guarantee he never gets a job in a pharmacy again. To do this during a pandemic, I can’t even.


Indeed. How does one even become a pharmacist (and at a hospital no less) without understanding vaccines? Is that not covered when studying pharmacology or obtaining a state license?


It’s a similar radicalisation path to the ones we see in other areas of the extreme right. He’s basically another stochastic terrorist and should be treated accordingly.


And worse, some dumbass is going to use him as an anecdote in lieu of evidence.

“See? Even pharmacists know that vaccines don’t work and Covid is a hoax!”



What the F@ck is wrong with this guy?


When I heard he might get off with some kind of misdemeanor charge, I was shocked.

This nutjob has stacked everything against him.

  • He’s a pharmacist, someone specifically and legally entrusted to deliver life-saving medicines, who violated that trust.
  • He did not smash the bottles in a public show of “defiance against the vax”, but instead by performing a covert, unnoticeable thaw.
  • He “doesn’t believe in vaccines” but performed precisely the technical steps required to render them ineffective. If vaccines are not effective as he claims, why would they have to be tampered with? The statement is therefore a lie.
  • He did it on two separate occasions, evincing premeditation on the second day.
  • He deliberately attempted to injure or kill 500 of the most critical and vulnerable people in his care, as these initial doses were slated for first responders, doctors, nurses, and hospital workers; and the elderly were next.
  • An epidemic of COVID-19 sweeping through the first responders and hospital staff by people who believed they were vaccinated by his tampered doses would have shut down the ambulances and hospital, putting the general population of his city at risk of not having medical care being available at all.

Had he succeeded, this would have been a monstrous attack on his city. He should have book after book thrown at him, and the sentences for each of his crimes to be served consecutively.

Oh, and each of his 57 victims should sue him in civil court for attempted harm. Out of 500 people who get COVID-19, about 10 will die and approximately 75 will suffer long-term disabilities. The court could add up the medical bills of 1 person dying of COVID-19 in an ICU and 7 others suffering a lifetime of dialysis, medications, hospital visits, etc., triple it as punishment for malicious intent, and divide the award evenly among the 57 plaintiffs. Not that they’d ever see more than a few dollars from the soon-to-be-incarcerated-for-a-long-time moron, but they were all victims of his plot.


Why does our government consistently refrain from calling a terrorist a terrorist?

Also, on a less serious note, is this guy cosplaying the Tom Cruise character from Tropic Thunder?


What a demented fucker.


Agh! What’s up with some people!?


How do you get from being a trained pharmacist (or a nurse as in another case) to being “skeptical of vaccines” is what I want to know.


What’s up with the coworkers shrugging off two years of his saying he doesn’t believe in vaccines? From a pharmacist? If you hear something, say something.


And even pointing out that this former pharmacist (he almost certainly has to lose his license for this, right?) was sentenced to 20 years in prison won’t help. After all, some people still think former medical professional fraud Andrew Wakefield has any credibility whatsoever.


You know he’s probably done similar things in the past and gotten away with it also. No doubt not his first crime. How scary is that?


Because white people (especially men) are given the benefit of the doubt ever single time.


He looks like he cooks meth on the side.