Pharmacist pleads guilty to sabotaging 500 doses of Moderna COVID vaccine, federal charges could bring up to 20 years in prison

Every. Single. Time. Even when they do file charges, they’re so soft. The capitol insurrectionists are getting charged with things like trespassing and destruction of government property. This guy is being charged with tampering with a consumer product?! How about terrorism and 500 counts of attempted murder?

I’m not genuinely advocating for charges that severe of course, and I get they have to charge what they think will stick, but still… this is so frustrating to watch.


Keep in mind the misdemeanors are to get them into the system. Federal felonies require a grand jury indictment. They can go back at any time and amend the charges as indictments get handed out.


He probably became radicalized after he had been trained professionally.

And, rather than using the knowledge he had accumulated from his education to refute the dogma, he allowed the dogma to skew and distort his education. I wager he is unrepentant. He was “a patriot doing the right thing.”


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