Texas Republicans move to oust Ken Paxton, their own long-indicted, scandal-plagued state Attorney General

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In opening statements, Rep. Charlie Geren, a member of the committee that investigated Paxton, said the attorney general had called lawmakers and threatened them with political “consequences.”

Given that Paxon’s most ardent supporter in this crisis is the Chair of the Republican Party in Texas, I’d say those threats are likely to be backed up. This is why the Governor and the Lt. Governor have stayed silent, even though they really dislike Paxton on a personal level.


…pretty sure those are variously regarded badges of honor for a typical (Texas) republican

Ken Paxton Articles of Impeachment

  1. disregard of official duty
  2. disregard of official duty – part deux
  3. disregard of official duty – part III
  4. disregard of official duty – part IV
  5. disregard of official duty – part V
  6. disregard of official duty – part VI
  7. misapplication of public resources
  8. disregard of official duty
  9. constitutional bribery Paxton engaged in bribery in violation of article 16 of the Texas Constitution
  10. constitutional bribery – part II
  11. obstruction of justice
  12. obstruction of justice – part zwei
  13. false statements in official records
  14. false statements in official records – part II
  15. false statements in official records – part III
  16. conspiracy and attempted conspiracy
  17. misappropriation of public resources
  18. dereliction of duty
  19. unfitness for office
  20. abuse of public trust

Basically he annoyed a higher up in the Texas GOP and they’re calling in their markers.

Because they certainly didn’t care about his 7 year old fraud indictment, frivolous lawsuits malfeasance in capital cases or selective enforcement of the law.


Apparently not as savvy in duplicity as his cohorts demand.


As well as demonstrate the stranglehold on Texas politics that his party has.
Not everyone here voted for that corrupt bastard… or any of the rest of the fascists that currently have power.

Well, that’s generally par for the course. Lord Dampnut being an exception.
Besides, accusations of hypocrisy only works on those that have morals & ethical standards.

Yeah, well, the Dallas Cowboys are a lie.
They haven’t actually played in Dallas for over 40 years. Their stadium is closer to Fort Worth than it is to Dallas! ~3 miles vs ~9 miles…

The Texas House isn’t quite as rabid as the Senate; and the Speaker has butted heads with Paxton more than once. I don’t think they like each other. :grinning:
The Senate is led by the Lt. Gov. a christofascist dominionist.

Or won’t.
His wife is a Senator, btw, where the actual trial will occur, if the House votes to impeach.
One of the charges against him is funneling money to his mistress, so her reaction should be… interesting.

That ship done sailed… back when the SCOTUS declared that Money Is Speech, and Corporations Are People.

The old meme regarding boxes comes to mind.

ETA: You can watch the fireworks here.


Funny, usually this party only ditches someone if they’re not horrible enough. Is someone more corrupt waiting in the wings?


From that page:

In a history-making late-afternoon vote, a divided Texas House chose Saturday to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton, temporarily removing him from office over allegations of misconduct that included bribery and abuse of office.

The vote to adopt the 20 articles of impeachment was 121-23, with three members absent.


Senates are now places where accountability goes to die.


I was half expecting the reason he was finally ousted was because he had a moment of weakness and was soft on an abortion or LGBTQ+ issue, and that they couldn’t stand.


The vote is in. 121 yes to impeach, to 23 no.


I’m legitimately stunned that they voted to impeach, and even more so that the vote wasn’t even close. And fortunately, unlike with federal impeachment, he is removed from office temporarily pending the outcome of the Senate trial, so he’s currently suspended.


I don’t understand. Is there video of him attending a drag show?


Sort of. It’s not quite that simple. Paxton has managed to annoy almost everyone in the Texas GOP.

Lately (Post-Shrub), Power in Texas has usually been ranked as Governor, then Attorney General, Then Lt. Governor, then the GOP Party. That order has shifted lately, with Party and Lt. Gov. fighting for third.

It is well known that neither the Governor or the Lt. Governor like Paxton personally, but when Paxton attempted to make the taxpayers pay his out-of-court settlement to his office staff, the rest of the GOP could find absolutely no basis in law to defend it, which made their lives hell as reporters kept asking them about it - even after he backtracked that request.

The rest of the GOP wants this to be solely about Paxton personally, not actually about his activities, and especially not about his donors. Even the other legislators know that if this isn’t about PAXTON, it’ll be about the GOP, who haven’t moved to even complain about this crap in seven years. So they want want it loud, definitive, fast, and OVER. Fast enough that it won’t become about his politics, because that would make it about the party.

If they can’t keep the headlines about Paxton personal, it’ll become a campaign issue across the board - as it should be. You’d think the GOP Party Chair would feel this way, too. But he desperately wants the support of Trump, who decided a while back that he likes Paxton, more than anyone else out of a large assortment of elected GOP assholes in Texas. The Governor is ambitious - he’s thinking about a run at the Presidency in a few years - Trump has no interest in facilitating that. This situation gives Paxton the only political leverage he has in this battle.


The GQP always brings its best people…/S


Why /s? These really are their best people. This is all they’ve got.


Sorry, they’re just so much comically evil that satire is dead.


This jives with my understanding too, as someone who pays attention to the politics in my state.

A friend was watching the hearing. She said there were cheers once the votes were tallied.

Another Republican committee member, Rep. Charlie Geren, said without elaborating that Paxton had called some lawmakers before the vote and threatened them with political “consequences.”

That was incredibly stupid. Paxton is very abrasive and has angered a lot of people. I also suspect he’s gotten too big for his britches and Abbott and Patrick want him gone. Replaced with someone who isn’t a threat to them and whom they, particularly Abbott, can control.


Why now?
Repugs acting on not at all new info.