Apparently, Texas' indicted Attorney General is investigating Twitter on behalf of a billionaire

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those that can’t tell the MAGA politicians of Texas apart, Paxton is the one with the unresolved felony indictment for securities fraud and is currently under federal investigation because 8! of his own deputies reported him for abuse of power and corruption.

Also he’s the state attorney general because #TEXAS!!!


Every Republican politician in Texas is crooked in their own unique way, but Paxton is the one who’s utterly desperate to keep his job, because he knows the minute he’s out of office, he’s going to get arrested, stuffed in a hole in Huntsville, and never see the sun again.


He’s a member of the GOP. Protecting the property of the wealthy is the main reason any of them believes that government should exist.


Yup the state AG still under indictment for fraud is now officially Elon Musk’s personal lapdog.
Nothing shady and stupid coming from Paxton surprises me. The fucker belongs in prison already.


Does Texas meet the requirements to officially be labelled a Failed State (yet)?


Yes. I would suggest selling it back to Mexico, but it would be too cruel to the Mexicans.


My tax dollars at work…


Surely Space Karen can’t get out of this agreement on a legal technicality? He was offered, and waived, the opportunity to perform due diligence before announcing the deal.


Don’t worry, he investigated and found no wrongdoing on behalf of himself.


Fascists love using the full resources of the state to protect their own.


Wait until its special-snowflake secessionist power grid fails during a climate disaster (again)


Everyone’s an asshole on this issue, I suspect.

Twitter says that at most 5% of its usernames are bots / non-single human users. I don’t believe they’re being honest at all. I suspect the number’s closer to 60-70%. They’re an asshole for that.

Elon’s perpetually an asshole.

And Ken Paxton’s an asshole in a full government of assholes there in Texas.

The best part of all this is no matter who loses, we win.


The irony being a significant number of those bots are quite likely promoting right-wing misinformation.


Of course this press release is a lie; using plurals for ‘consumer’ & ‘business’ isn’t a misprint.
As HST would say, Paxton is so crooked, he has to screw his pants on…

And that should be a warning to all, for when the FDC gains control first, of Congress, then the WH.
DeSatan of Florida gets all the publicity, but the corrupt troika of Abbott, Patrick & Paxton have been turning Texas into a kleptocratic theocracy for years; long before You Know Who resided in the WH.

So are no small number of Democrats, but those are the ones that would be considered to be Republicans, anywhere else.

I don’t care where that hole is, as long as he occupies it.
A beach at low tide would be suitable.

Not just Paxton; that goes for pretty much any Texas GOPer.
Hell, Cancun Cruz carries a jackhammer for when he reaches rock bottom.

That might actually be good news if it does, since Abbott is up for re-election this fall, & people are still mad about last time. According to Abbott, there is nothing to worry about, so if it goes down again, it will be right before the election & Beto will hammer him with it.
Beto ought to hammer him for not clawing back the obscene profits that one of his contributors made & left the customers to foot the bill.


It has been 0 days since my home state’s politicos have been a personal embarrassment.


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