Texas toddler finds gun and fatally shoots 4-year-old sister in tragic (and preventable) accident

The sad reality is that a large proportion of people who have home invasion paranoia live in very safe, often rural, communities. Their perception of unsafety is largely a product of their media diet rather than any real danger.


This is a thing that doesn’t get talked about enough. Gun violence doesn’t just kill people in the moment. It ruins families for generations.

Think about that girl’s life now. Her family is going to be a dysfunctional wreck because of the trauma of this. One or both parents may subconsciously harbour resentment to the daughter for killing her sister. That’s not fair of course, but emotional trauma never is. When that girl is older, sooner or later someone is going to have to tell her she killed her older sister with a gun and that’s who’s in those family photos that she keeps asking about. Then she has to carry that her entire life, which will impact all her interactions with future life partners, kids she has, etc.

There’s an old metaphor that America is in a perpetual psychological crash position. Suspicious of everyone and everything, living in perpetual fear of every noise and shadow. This is why. Please, please get rid of your guns America. For all our sakes.


This, 100%.

Although, to be fair, everyone has guns in rural areas, so situations can escalate quickly. Which, of course, means MOAR GUNS are necessary.


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