Text to Save Lives - Crisis Text Line Needs YOU!

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Are there any working links we can click on?


They’re really not that hard to strip to a working state.


The Volunteer link on their site is broken too. I want to volunteer, but can’t find a way to do it — even clicking the Volunteer button on their home page leads to the same 404 error.

The thought occurs that if this was worldwide that might solve the timings issue - us texts handled by Australian volunteers, UK by US… Tricky though. Text does seem a good medium for it. In the uk, the closest service I can think of is the Samaritans - I don’t know if they’re uk only?

Definitely not! The Samaritans have hotlines in NYC and elsewhere. NYC number is 212 673 3000.

I was a volunteer for about 3 years. Absolutely the best thing I have ever done in this life, and the best colleagues too.


Huzzah! it seems to be working now; maybe BB borked it?

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