Thai police arrest three Chinese nationals in raid on social media "like"-farm

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Nice rack, though.


Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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Man they were slacking. I was expecting to see a stick with a bunch of smaller sticks attached to it. Kinda like my 3rd grade teacher used to draw lines on the chalkboard. You could swipe 100 phones at once!


Why is this a crime?

There’s a special place in the special hell for people who deliberately trash the (already dangerously bad) SNR of the world.

I can only hope the awareness of one’s profoundly negative value seeps into the psyche and etches ant the self over time.

Three guys? They went after three guys? Don’t these operations routinely employ hundreds of like-monkeys? Sounds to me like somebody didn’t pay his vig, or maybe some cop just needed to look busy.

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