'Thank you all in emergency for saving my wife's life,' man tells coronavirus-fighting nurses

There’s an undercurrent of eugenics here too.

“Oh well, just the olds and the people with underlying health conditions.” Which is, again, inaccurate—a number of otherwise-healthy young people have died already. But it also implies that the life of a person who has existing health problems is worth less than the life of a person who doesn’t.


I’ve read news and comments online of perfectly healthy, athletic young people getting sent to the hospital and having a really difficult recovery. Its likely that the majority of people won’t get hit that hard but that’s a big uncertainty i’m not willing to gamble anyone’s life on. To me age doesn’t matter, be it my younger brother or my parents i don’t want either of them to chance their life.


The eugenics behind their arguments is coming through more strongly from some conservatives than others; some are being shockingly obvious about it.

Yeah, given that we’ve had multiple teenagers in the US and UK, who had previously been healthy, being actually killed by this, when they’re in the lowest possible risk (by far) group - it should give pause.

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