Thank you for being rational

I can’t even :rolling_eyes:

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A belief that one is more rational than other people, if sincerely held, is a delusion.

The claim disproves itself.

If not sincerely held it’s just trolling, and a favorite tactic of the common sea lion.

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Oh look!


There is no need to generalize here.

I never said I was any more or less rational than anyone else. No value judgements have been made by me either way to that point.

All humans have the capacity for rationality as well as emotion. How much you invoke of either, in any given situation, can be a choice in some cases, and in others not (particularly in the case of emotion).

I wonder if people might be using “rationality” here to connote formal reasoning generally. Pretty much anything can be said to exist in proportion to something else. Using ratios can signify no more than using some fractions.

Now if you folks would excuse me, I am off to eat approximately 1/3 of a pizza. Thank you for being rational!

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