Republican candidate Greg Gianforte attacks reporter during interview (Updated: he's been charged with assault)

As long as it’s a true observation, yes.

Try rebutting with reason. Personal attacks not necessary.

And now the story has dropped from Breitbart’s feed and frontpage. The pages are still there if you search, they just kicked some dirt over them.

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So, in other words, all you are apparently saying is that aggression is sometimes present in inter- and intra-species dialog involving humans, which is not a surprise to anyone.
Id est: You are either stating that these types of behaviors are an ever present and intrinsic part of masculinity, which comes across as the standard dismissal of “boys will be boys” and which is refuted by the examples presented above by @danimagoo and others (including several male interlocutors self-reporting a lack of said behaviour), or you are saying something absolutely unsurprising as you seem to claim in the above quotes.


Would you have been fine if it had read ‘jewish journalist’ instead?


Only if it magically also undoes the Trump presidency…

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It’s the latter, which is why this story is personally uninteresting as a news story to me.

I intentionally made no value judgments about the individuals in my original statement. I’m not justifying or defending either side. Just observing the behavior. Any values in resulting comments were projected by the commenters.

Thank you for being rational.

This thing you keep posting, either it’s victim blaming or else it’s off topic.

Either way, don’t repeat yourself.


If it had been Forward or Tablet or The Jewish Press, then yes.

Yes fine, and that’s how the Jewish Chronicle described it for example. But you’d be rightly annoyed if his campaign had worded it that way, and the same should go for airing their political prejudices (a lesser ‘crime’ than racial or religious prejudices perhaps, but still something politicians should be attempting to rise above, especially when dealing with the press or the public, dealing with political opponents is a different matter).

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I wouldnt actually.

why did you say ‘If it had been Forward or Tablet or The Jewish Press, then yes.’ - the implication being that if it was anyone else, you wouldn’t be?

In the same way I assume that a write for The Guardian is likely to hold a liberal viewpoint, I assume those three have Jewish reporters.

Politician: The press is certainly failing their job to create an informed electorate. I can say about damn near anything without real consequence.

Amateur: Something must be done about the press! I’m trying to say damn near anything without real consequence and they keep showing up!

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Do you believe the campaign had a motive in identifying the reporters that way? Or are you simply saying that they are factually correct?

Most of the people who are arguing against you are saying: “The campaign identified the reporter by his political affiliation as a way of diminishing and attacking his credibility to their base” do you agree that is the case?


It is interesting to a large number of people, which is why it has been featured as the top story on every major news organization during the last 24 hours.

If you don’t find it interesting, why are you commenting?


That’s one way to look at it. I believe the news just needed something to fill 12 hours of its news cycle. Is it news because people are talking about it? Or are people talking about it because it’s news? Either way it will be forgotten by next week.

Also, I’m commenting to express my views, like everyone else here.

I look forward to hearing your views on grass (it’s green, right?) as well as your views on the unsurprising events of the day.


Maybe it’s news because it’s part of a growing pattern of pugilistic, authoritarian, anti-journalistic behavior coming from one of the country’s two major political parties. And perhaps it’s additionally newsworthy that a lot of people don’t seem to find it troubling that the party currently controlling both elected branches of government has a habit of assaulting reporters for doing their jobs and referring to the press as the “enemy of the people.”


I’m unusual in that I dont pick motive out of individual incidents and dont pretend to live in other people’s heads.

Although I will allow for the possibility that both cases you say are correct.


Or maybe two guys met and one got angry.