Would-be Montana GOP Congressjerk with ties to sanctioned Russian companies beats up reporter at press-conference

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/05/25/greg-gianforte.html

We can only hope that he remains a “would-be” and loses the election, and that he does get convicted. But he probably knows stuff like this is red meat to his core voters and we might just see them more motivated to vote because they truly believe in “might makes right”.


There’s only one person who can fix this latest boing-time-space continuum hole.

We need… Threadmergeman!


@doctorow @beschizza beat you to it.


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Is it time to change the name of the country to kleptocrostan? Because if you modify the story by changing the names to extra long ones with an excess of consonants, it sounds like it is from the former Soviet Union…

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A Republican that beats up a journalist? I predict he will easily win the election then get ready for a rocket ride to national politics. This guy has a future.


He sounds like a real hands-on politician… or hands-on reporter politician.

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Thugs like this have their brown shirts neatly folded and pressed, ready for the big day.