Thank you for your service , .The Idiocy of our new veterans policies and unthinking loyalty

I lived with a real alcoholic piece of shit that in the course of his daily drunkenness he routinely; terrified children because he insisted on talking to them (or he failed to see them and would relieve himself off the deck in full sight of children, punched- kicked- verbally assaulted or otherwise abused me which despite my frequent black eyes - he was never formally charged for battering me nor did the Vets Admin make drug and alcoholism treatment a condition to housing him on the backs of taxpayers - but the VA never protected me, several other women crossing his path or our apartment community full of hard working families so he could more fully devote himself to getting drunk and high and stealing whatever he wanted from his friends and neighbors and local businesses… . Lets take a look at his service - whoops he was even considered a piece of shit by the army - he "served from 1981- 1983 in Georgia and Italy. He was given an honorable discharge in exchange for not re-enlisting. He was paid a salary, educated and trained. Now he is thanked for his service daily by ignoramouses who don’t know their history amongst a shit ton of other things. There is so much more but this is a good start

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