Chili's refused to honor Veteran's Day meal deal for black veteran (Update: Chili's apologizes, promises to make it right)

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And this is going to get worse as electing herr Drumpf has given the bigots a green light to get away with this.



Okay, but didn’t you mean racist moran?


An actual veteran of WW2 would be, at a minimum, 89 years old. So unless the ‘Trump’ voter who accosted the guy is actually in his 90s, he is probably full of shit.


I was about to say the same thing.

I would have been tempted to ask the Trump shirt guy which side he fought on after those comments.


I am having trouble sleeping and hearing jets go overhead is inducing dread. I am not kidding. And shit like this is telling me that I am not necessarily being paranoid.

ETA: And I’m old and white.



“Fell short”?! This is a brand doing a faceplant or bellyflop. That manager should be fired and the veteran should dine at Chili’s on the company dime for the next year.

[quote=“beep54orama, post:7, topic:89341, full:true”]
I am having trouble sleeping and hearing jets go overhead is inducing dread. I am not kidding[/quote]

It’s been that way for me ever since 9/11. The holiday flyovers that I used to find exciting and fun now provoke anxiety.

@nemomen – oh, you and your “empirical evidence.”

@peemlives – someone should update that cartoon with new villains.


That ignorant claim epically pisses me off - it’s a massive dishonor to the many African Americans who served in WW II. The Tuskegee Airmen were kicking ass in the European theater. They initially were given inferior equipment, but still racked up battle stats that shamed most white Fighter Groups:


Some people see only what they want to see.


When I think about the roles here, the manager just makes me feel tired – sure, fire him, but there’s a neverending supply – but the spiteful old shit who created the situation makes me feel vibrantly alive with hate. That’s not a cog in the machine or a victim of coercion: that’s someone going out of his way to harm others for pleasure. It gets my pantyhose in a bunch that those people, who are 99% of the problem, always get to scuttle back under their rocks.


Punishing the victim?


Maybe his dog really likes those Baby Back Ribs?


I’m outraged, too, but the problem is also with the cowardice of bystanders. Even if not one person in the restaurant had a basic bloody understanding of WWII history or the military, surely the rejection of a certified service dog as a pretext for his expulsion should have roused another customer to protest this BS.

As Beschizza points out, bigots like this decrepit sower of misery have been emboldened by Tuesday’s result and the campaign that preceded it. However, in turn, we must now be emboldened to speak up against injustice whenever we witness it. It will be a new experience for most of us, accustomed as we’ve become to general progress. But that, I’m afraid, is our job for the next four years.


I know plenty of people who’s fathers fought in WW2 against the exact rhetoric that trump vomits yet they were early trump supporters. It’s sad, really.

Plus, I call shenanigans on this “old” dude who says he fought in WW2. And F’ that Chili’s manager.


The fine print clearly states that the offer was for real Americans. /s


Just want to point out, hoping nobody gets misinformed, that federal law does not require certification or identification of any kind for a service animal. Not a tag, not a card, not a vest. The Americans with Disabilities Act can even overwrite leash laws, if a leash or restraint might interfere with the person’s needs or the animal’s duties.

Every single “certification” or “identification” for service animals, including vests, cards, papers, etc. is provided by third parties, usually by exasperated people who are tired of being discriminated against and use these fake tools to get the access they already deserve.

Under the ADA, public services must accommodate service animals, and are only allowed to ask two questions: “Is this a service animal?” “What tasks is it trained to perform?”. People are not allowed to ask what the disability is, ask for proof or identification. This overrides any health codes that food service places have against animals (but they are not required to serve food to the animal or provide a space for bathroom needs). A public place cannot refuse service because of a service animal unless it is uncontrollable (ie barking and owner cannot get it to stop barking) or provides a direct threat to safety of others (any potential allergies are not a direct threat).

There may be state or local laws that add additional restrictions, but the federal law overrides them.

Edit: Yes, this does mean that what qualifies as a “service animal” may be left mostly to interpretation. Realistically, if someone says it’s a service animal, you’re not allowed to ask them to prove otherwise. Yes, some people will take advantage of this system and bring pets in places, especially to places where they charge extra for pets, and that’s sad. But it would otherwise put too much undue burden on already disadvantaged people to get (and pay for) testing, nationally recognized certification, nationally recognized identification, etc.


american imperialisms professional killers shouldnt be given even the marginal reward of free chillies for their actions anyway but rather punished with free olive garden


I think, in many cases, its a result of both the increasing partisanship and polarization from the last generation, plus how the Nazis have become the go-to Generic Villains Of Villainy, with no examination (or rebuttal) of their viewpoints in popular media, so they, or at least their ideology, has become divorced from the context of that villainy.