Thanks to an article about why science fiction great John M Ford's books are out of print, they're coming back

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I loved that article, and I can’t wait to see Ford’s stuff back in print.


How much for just the planet was great. I even performed the Klingon Hamlet for a sing for your supper party


Wow, that article was great. Now I’m hooked.

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This is seriously the best damn news I’ve heard in ages. It’s so hard to recommend Ford’s books when I know it’d be almost impossible for someone to find them.


I so wish this could have been filmed. Getting to see the cameos alone would have been worth it. Not to mention the crowning scene.

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As I recall, he had quite a lot of shorter works in Analog.

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I’m not sure if How Much for Just the Planet? is out of print in hardcopy, but it and The Final Reflection are each available on Google Play Books and on Kindle.

joemcmahon: Agreed, a live action HMfJtP could have been hilarious. I’m not sure who could do it justice: Mel Brooks maybe?


This is great news, but I fear the announcement perpetuates a myth. I left this comment at Slate:

I was one of Mike Ford’s friends and editors, and I want to go on record with this: Martha Fry was extremely helpful when we wanted to keep his Liavek stories in print. The breakdown in communication between his original family, his fannish family, and his agent has many reasons, but there are no villains in that story. There are only gossips who love drama, as there are in any community. If anyone claims his first family tried to make his work unavailable, I will point to the Liavek anthologies as evidence that’s not true.


How Much for Just the Planet and The Final Reflection were written under the usual “work for hire” arrangements that apply to most media tie-in/spinoff books, so the copyright was/is owned by Paramount and not Ford: that’s why they’re still in print.

(And they’re both awesome in their own ways, as is pretty everything Ford wrote; I’m delighted beyond words by this announcement.)


Ford’s Usenet posts and blog comments alone would put him on my top ten list of authors, never mind the books and stories.

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