Thanks to Doc Pop, there's going to be a yo-yo emoji


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Seems to me yo-yos have fallen out of fashion. And that people are more likely to misinterpret that as some kind of sex thing.


Shut your crazy mouth! Yo-yos are always in fashion and are awesome. Also you can have my Henry’s Viper when you pry it out of my cold dead hand.



I only recently got back into yoyoing after many years being away from middle school. I’m still lousy at string tricks but looping ones seem to come easy to me


Oh! Hands! Damnit, hands, I should have known, no wonder it went up and down so slowly…



That’s the proposed emoji reference design. Every OS will interpret the Unicode Consortium’s guidelines with their own style and coloring.

  1. a toy consisting of a spool attached to a string, the end of which is held while it is repeatedly spun out and reeled in
  2. US and Canadian slang
    a stupid person, esp one who is easily manipulated
    Word forms: yo-yos, yo-yoing or yo-yoed
  3. informal
    to change repeatedly from one position to another; fluctuate
  4. informal
    changing repeatedly; fluctuating

Not sure how I would use it, except in a derogatory sense.


Thanks to Doc Pop, there’s going to be a yo-yo emoji

This why previously I could never find it, explains a lot to me.


I’m incredibly excited to see how each company interprets the design. What colors will we see? What shapes?


Thanks for the shout-out, Rusty! And thanks for promoting Emojination at the end of your post. They do awesome work and have helped many people fill in the gaps for missing emoji. In fact, of the 60 emoji approved for next year, Emojination assisted with 24!


Yeah, my first reaction was, “Huh, are they also going to do ones for Hula Hoops and Rubik’s Cubes as well? Maybe some pet rocks or mood rings?”


Nice one, noodle nuts


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