That old feeling — the history of gerontophilia


First thing I thought of was Skwisgaar Skwigelf from Metalocalypse.

Did he listen to Jack White while doing his research?

I am very disappointed youtube - not a single Elder Love-related clip from Bored to Death for me to link to.

Well, there is that Kids in the Hall sketch.

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As fetishes go, this one seems almost . . . positive. Like people who prefer overweight people. Sure, it goes against society’s grain, but as long as we’re talking responsible consenting adults here maybe some of our olderly types deserve to be treated like they’re still sexy sometimes, right?

The sexiest part of us is the mind, after all. I know some old people who have AMAZING minds!

More power to them, just so they get to come out of the closet and all is Safe, Sane, and Consentual. :slight_smile:

note, I know that’s now how you spell ‘consensual’, but I’m protesting the stupidly modified word. Seriously, leave the T in there.

When he walked up to the old lady in the market and whispered

“You are GMILF”

And then there was the scene where someone walked in on him with three grannies and he said something like “Oh hellos, this is Agnes, and Delores, and Ethel.”

Even so, we are talking about the extreme in age range, correct? Even I (whose appearance is at least ten years younger than my age) am attracted to some women my age, who can definitely be considered grandmothers.

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I think the only reason it can really be called a ‘fetish’ is because obviously old people suck at biological reproduction so it’s not ‘natural’.

But so what? We’re not monkeys! We should be making ‘loving whoever you want, as long as there’s mutual consent’ the norm, rather than ‘you’re only supposed to be attracted to certain types of people’

Most people are a little weirded out by amputees, but some people really get off on them. That gives amputees a few more options on the romantic side, right? Maybe a lot of these ‘fetishes’ are just the natural response our amazingly diverse population has to how amazingly complicated we are?

Ha! Yes, here it is:

I see nothing wrong with it. To each her/his own.

I’m only thinking of this in the sense of deviancy, meaning “outside the average”. Not the kind of “deviancy”-word that your average ultra-conservative might utter.

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