That terrible Pepsi ad gets a Mentos makeover


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Yeah, that works. :+1:


Eh. It was much funnier when SNL kinda predicted how bad a commercial like the Pepsi ad can be


Capitalists gotta recuperate.


This is more what I was hoping for.


I came along in the '70s when that iconic “Harmony” Coke ad played nonstop. If you’re old like me, and you have zero clue who Kendall Jenner is, the Pepsi ad plays a lot like that one did, albeit more as cynical remake than clever homage.

But that Mentos makeover gave me a chuckle, so it’s all worth it.


Brilliant. Right down to the gormless smile on the freeze frame.


Seems like a pretty good example of a domestic version of what Teju Cole calls The White Savior Industrial Complex.


I was hoping for someone to put a mentor in the open can.


It’s quite remarkable, really, that all these years later that funky ass Mentos jam is still adding value to whatever it may grace.


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