That time Andy Warhol cruised 'The Love Boat' (1985)

Every Polaroid that Andy shot on the set would be considered an artwork. I wonder what happened to them.


i was actually thinking the same thing. now, knowing Warhol, he made sure that he got to keep them. but who knows, maybe nobody thought to keep them, even him.


He was such a pack rat, I’d wager he did, although I wouldn’t guarantee he filed them well.

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i don’t know. in his diaries it makes clear he was super meticulous about memorabilia. i bet somewhere in the archive there’s a manila folder labeled “Love Boat Ep., '85” or something, with all his stuff from filming the show in it.


Oh, I don’t doubt that, if saved, they were well packaged and labeled. Just likely hard to find:

At the time of his unexpected death, following gall bladder surgery in 1987, Warhol left behind a 30-room townhouse on New York’s East 66th Street that was “stuffed to the rafters with objects,” says exhibition curator and Warhol archivist John W. Smith. “He was living in two rooms – the collection had taken over everything else. After a while – especially near the end – he was feeling extremely overwhelmed by all the stuff he had.”


I worked that episode as an extra as I did for about 6 seasons on The Love Boat. I remember showing up looking over the call sheet. I was so excited to see Andy’s name whereas the rest of the background looked blankly at me and asked how he was. They were more excited that Marion Ross from Happy Days was there.

One extra, not knowing who Andy was, came up to him thinking he was dressed up to be a stand in fur someone and she attempted to pluck he wig off, asking who he was supposed to be…….ah, love, exciting and new


I think I’ve told this story somewhere here before, if not here goes.

My future father in law died in his favorite chair watching The Love Boat. I never looked up the episode until today. The sad thing is, it was a two parter and he died during the first part. We were married 10 months later.

It was Season 7 Episode 19. I think we’ll watch it this weekend.

It featured, among many others, Gene Kelly, Donna Reed, Yvette Mimieux, and Brenda Vaccaro.

A U.S. Presidential-hopeful Senator falls for a businesswoman who intends on opening a large casino in Hong Kong, as his aide tries to derail the affair for P.R. reasons; a woman who simply can’t stop shopping bets her husband $25,000 that she can go the entire cruise without buying anything; Julie and Vicki double date, though Vicki secretly falls for Julie’s date; an retired spy finds love in the form of a woman secretly hired to keep him safe from revenge-seeking former adversaries; Gopher and Isaac, trenchcoats and all, tail the former spy through Hong Kong and see all sorts of potentially evil stalkers.


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