The Trump Boat is a great parody of The Love Boat opener


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Ugh. Right after lunch.


I’d prefer if they were all marooned on Gilligan’s Island.


How about Lost?


There was an episode, inevitably, where Aaron Spelling’s crew of bozos and their has-been or never-were passengers got marooned.


When I was a kid in the 70s the lyrics, I’m sorry to say, were…

Love. Exciting a gnu. Climb a boar. We were expecting ewes. The Love Goat promises something for everyone…


Needs a Love/Trump Boat branded life preserver with hairy hands gripping it from the outside.

Internet shoopers, do my bidding!


I could never do that to Gilligan and the gang.


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I am delighted to hear this. Mine went…

Love…exciting a gnu…
Climb aboard…
We’re expectorating on you…!



I’d prefer it if they were all marooned on the island from Battle Royale. Let them get to know the fascism they love so much the way the rest of us have.


It doesn’t really matter where they’re moraned. It could be a garden of frickin Eden - they’ll still turn it into Lord of the Flies by lunchtime.


I know, but I though that it wouldn’t hurt to give them a little help towards that goal.


no Isaac, no deal. any time i spend on a trump boat is going to definitely need a lot of booze and an experienced bartender.


Good heavens, I remember that episode…

Very surprised that Fred Grandy does not have a role (or, bigger/visible role) in the current admin.




Hey! Stop that! That’s my favouite bad TV show!


…and then all the passengers get e. coli.




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