That time Putin sat stone-faced through Egyptian military butchering Russia's national anthem




Putin has no other facial mode than “stone”, does he?
I mean, there could be a family of weasels crawling up his ass for all we know and he’d look the same.


PuinHitler = Sociopathic self indulgent twaddle puffed through cigarette smoke and rummy eyed conceit.


You decide


I don’t think so. There are rumours he smiled once.


Impossible to verify since there were no survivors.


OOF. That was indeed a butchering.

But to be fair, I feel that whomever orchestrated it for the band bears some culpability.


That mouth twitch microexpression and brief eye roll at 00:14 said it all.

If Putin had to say something nice afterwards about it, he could say that at least the band were together and in tune during the rests.

[It’s not unusual for military bands to be handed music at the last second, but that was awful].


If we’re assigning culpability, first honor has to go to the person who tuned half the band at A420 and the other at A460. Yikes, that first note they played set the tone.

Here’s a not-quite Red Army Band playing a similar arrangement: (starts at 1:08)


I think we can safely assume that the phrase железобетонное очко applies here.

(zhelezobetonnoye ochko - “Anus of Reinforced Concrete”)


That wasn’t the Portsmouth Sinfonia’s military band section by any chance?
Anyway, I raise you one splendid Tchaikowsky butchering:


Obviously, Egypt doesn’t have an ice hockey team. Otherwise, they’d probably know the words to the anthem by heart, eh.

The Russian (and Czech) hockey fans probably know ‘O Canada’ by heart.


sat stone-faced through Egyptian military butchering Russia’s national anthem

Sure, now let’s set him do it with his shirt off.


So at first I was like "I don’t know the proper one well enough to tell what could be wrong with … "
and then I was like “… oh OK, that’s just bad.”


It shouldn’t matter whose national anthem is being mangled- any military sounding that bad in public is begging to be invaded.


Alternatively, it can be a warning that any wannabe invader will face the music.


“All the good musicians were shot as traitors”


I’m told this is also the Portsmouth Sinfonia:


That’s very pretty, thank you.


You can just see he is thinking “There is just not enough Polonium in the world…”