That time Toledo newscasters spoke to the youths

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For a less creepy and condescending way to get down with the kids, you could try rubbing yourself with the pelt of one of their classmates so they recognize the scent.


When I really want to scare the Gen Z’s, I get them to look me in the eye and say, “This is you in 40 years. It’s inevitable.”

martha & snoop im old GIF by VH1


Yes! You either ‘yeet’ a thing. Or, when in the process of throwing a thing you shout YEET!

Fuck, I made it about 8 seconds. That made my teeth hurt.

It’s quite simple: “yeet” is just the antonym of “yoink”.


Just stay on tumblr and you’ll always understand the kids these days and their buggin’ slang. And slang from a few years ago, decades ago, centuries. Millenia.

It’s like, after the storm you’ll see a weasel, if you know what I mean.

And since it will be hard for you remember what era any particular bits are from, you can rest easy knowing you will always sound weirdly out of date.

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