The $10,000 Moog Model 15 Modular Synthesizer is now a $30 iPad app

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Sounds like the 70s!

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If you want to try out a modular synth app for free to see if you like it, Modular Synthesizer
By Pulse Code, Inc. is really good. Some modules are purchasable in the app, but it comes with enough basic and interesting modules to be loads of fun for free. (Not being paid to say this, I just really like the app. I like moog too, but wouldn’t pay 30 bucks for a virtual one)

Mentioned this 24 hours ago. :grin: I wasn’t being paid either. I just think it’s cool to get a working simulation for 0.3% of the price. When I remember how I drooled over these things in high school & college when they cost a LOT more (inflation & having no money then), this seems like an amazing bargain. Even the Arturia soft synth costs $99 now (it was something like $299 when I first got a copy).

While I do like that my iPad can now do things like this as well as replicate some older drum machines and so on, I dont pretend it in any way replaces the experience of actual hardware.

I’m not a hardware elitist. I cant afford to own most of the hardware I’d like and dont have space for it all anyway. I’d never give up Logic for a 2" tape machine. OTOH I end up far more satisfied with the experience of playing with my Korg Volcas than any software instruments.


Pffft. I’ve got a Fairlight CMI emulation for Kontakt, those babies cost around $27,000.


This might add some relevance for non-Apple peeps:

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