The 2018 Wypipo Awards


Nnnnnyeah. It’s curry. Welp, once we have fully-automated luxury gay space communist food replicators, I’ll email you something seasoned that isn’t curry.



Phew got that off my chest :smirk:


True story:

I once got invited to two different Thanksgiving dinners by my friends; one set White, one set Black.

Zeb, my friend of Celtic/French descent, made a turkey so damn moïst and delectable, it was practically falling off the bone. It was unbelievably good, so I had to ask her what she’d done (Butter-soaked cheesecloth, apple inside the bird)

Meanwhile, Terry, a best friend’s wife of African descent, made a turkey so dry, that the Sahara desert itself was jealous… and they didn’t even serve gravy.


So you just never know; there are always exceptions to every expectation.


I mean, maybe she just doesn’t want to eat curry.


I, on the other hand, have had to train myself, because my dad likes salt & people cooking. Without much of either.

I mean, I am not sure the last batch of mashed potatoes they cooked had any salt in the water. He nearly had a meltdown when I put a bit of freaking rosemary in some beef gravy. And don’t get me started on both of them and the fear of garlic (except a little on toast with pasta).

I had to explain to him why, no, I can’t pick where I want to go to dinner for my birthday, because taking him to a good Thai or Vietnamese place would be too painful for him. And he agreed.

Fortunately, while they live in the middle of nowhere, I am surrounded by good food.

One food universal¹ I have found, though: for good, comfort, nothing beats a nice soup.

¹Oh, I am sure there are exceptions, but it seems to be a cross-culture constant.


I know those feels; I once had my mom have a meltdown of her own, because I put a little seasoning salt on some fries before putting them in the fryer.



It takes all kinds, I guess. I just find it weird… it’s like swearing off roasts on account of a few bad rotisserie chickens.


Okay, but it’s not your taste buds, it’s someone else’s. You do you, of course, but not everyone has the same tastes as you.


Thanks for 'splaining my own preferences to me, dude; there’s just nothing that “advances the conversation” like someone you don’t know from a can of paint trying to give you advice that you didn’t even ask for.


Sorry. I’ll delete my posts.


Or bodily reactions for that matter.

I mean I am sure that butter and apple turkey @Melizmatic mentioned was fantastically delicious… to people for whom the smell of apple doesn’t induce nausea. And I know good tiramisu is divine… Too bad it’ll give me the mother of all hangovers like anything containing coffee.

It sometimes really isn’t a matter of taste, but tolerance. And, no, preparing it a different way isn’t necessarily going to magically make it good.


No one asked you to do that, either; just maybe learn to take a hint.

Not everybody likes what you like, and that’s okay. It’s okay to be different and to like different things.


Even more so. That’s less about tastes and more about health.

Variety is the SPICE of life… OH. No wonder why some white people have an aversion to diversity! They don’t like spice!!! :wink:




Damn it… there was an anime my family watched a couple of years ago, and it had an entire curry arc, and now I can’t remember which one is was…

OH… it was the curry arc of Black Butler…



Ironically, my kid was nuts about that show for a few years; I remember the curry gag.


We found it funny. My daughter says it comes later in the manga…




Isn’t that every anime with cooking in it?


The Root is fantastic and infuriating. It’s only infuriating because they constantly have to write about disgusting injustice, as it is routinely faced by Americans of color.